Line 29b Vermont Tax Check-Off

Donate on Line 29B of your VT TaxesThe Vermont Children's Trust Fund (VCT Fund) tax check-off, this year in Section 6, Line 29b, makes it easy for Vermonters to make a donation that will support children’s programming, such as afterschool care, literacy, mentoring, substance abuse prevention, preschool and more. 

The tax check-off was established in 1997 by the Vermont Legislature. 100% of the dollars donated through the tax check-off go directly into grants for Vermont programs that serve children from birth to 18 years. The tax check-off is an important source of revenue for the Fund, adding an average of $75,000 each year since its inception.

There are roughly 350,000 taxpayers in Vermont. Imagine if every one of you donated a dollar via Line 29B. Help make it happen when you prepare your taxes this year.

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Winooski Family Center

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Photos: Jess Ackerman