Grantees: Teens

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Outright Vermont

Support for transgender and gender creative youth, children, and families

Outright Vermont’s monthly Gender Creative Kids group (ages 5-12), Trans Group (ages 13-22), and Trans Parent Group provide safe, confidential spaces for peer and therapeutic support for children and youth whose gender expression doesn’t fit rigid “male” or “female” expectations. Some identify as transgender, others are in a process of developing the gender identity that fits for them, which may be called “gender creative,” “queer,” “nonconforming,” or “fluid.” In groups, youth and families get questions answered, build a supportive community, and develop the resilience and emotional competence needed to mitigate the significant physical, social, and emotional health risks gender non-conforming children and youth experience.

Washington County Youth Service Bureau

Northfield Teen Center "Walk a Mile"

The Northfield Teen Center's 'Walk a Mile' program engages youth in skill-building and community engagement activities which are  art focused, youth selected, youth driven, and facilitated by positive adult mentors.

Washington County Youth Service Bureau - Boys & Girls Club

Basement Teen Center

The Basement Teen Center (BTC) is a drop-in space in downtown Montpelier that provides quality afterschool opportunities for youth ages 12-18. The BTC provides youth with a unique, unparalleled opportunity to explore interests, solve problems and develop creative programming and skills of their own choosing. In this proposal, the BTC will help youth address their concern that they don’t feel valued in their community. Through the development of collaborative community events, youth and adults will act as equal partners in planning, implementing, and evaluating activities that help them to identify common interests, to learn and have fun, and to recognize each other’s inherent strengths. Youth will develop a sense of belonging and purpose.