Grantees: Health/Nutrition

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Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro

Boys & Girls Club Supper Program

The Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro will address food insecurity for local youth more comprehensively by expanding its Supper Program.

Community Health Centers of Burlington

CHCB’s School-Based Dental Center

The Community Health Centers of Burlington (CHCB) operates our area’s only School-Based Dental Center, providing a dental home for low-income children in the Burlington School District. This innovative, small clinic provides three main services: preventative care, restorative treatment, and dental education. As part of their school day, kids receive regular check-ups and cleanings twice a year, preventing tooth decay, gum disease and enamel wear. The program eases the practical barriers many low-income families face for their children’s dental care. The results are clear: no child suffers from dental pain and infection, and through better health, children miss fewer days of school and perform better in the classroom.

Health Connections

Healthy Nutrition Habits

This program uses evidence-based strategies to work toward achieving the Healthy Vermonter 2020 goal of youth eating more fruits and vegetables and reduce consumption of sugared sweetened beverages in order to reduce the risk of obesity in elementary students.

Local Motion

Bike PHAT (Protect Head at All Times)

Local Motion will expand a social marketing campaign that increases rates of helmet use among youth and teen bike riders by making helmet use cool.

Mountain Communities Supporting Education

Family & Student Enrichment Program

This grant funds Intergenerational Dialog Nights with meals, engaging activities and enrichment opportunities.  These events will be focused on wellness, lifelong skills education and social and recreational interaction.


NEK Kids on the Move

NEK Kids on the Move aims to encourage lifelong healthy habits in the Northeast Kingdom youth through exposing them to a variety of seasonally appropriate, local activities.

Prevent Child Abuse Vermont

Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development for Schools

Prevent Child Abuse Vermont (PCAV) will develop, pilot, and implement a new training entitled "Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development" with school staff, parents, and other adults. This training will cover children's healthy sexual development at each age, what adults can do to support healthy sexual development, how to answer children's questions, and how to respond to behaviors in ways that promote health. As a result of this training, adults who live and work with children will have more information on healthy development, be more prepared to promote healthy behaviors, and be able to respond to concerning situations to prevent harmful behaviors.