VCTF Grants

Vermont Children's Trust Fund grants are given annually, with the grant cycle starting in late January. Please see the timeline.

Grants are awarded to Vermont 501(c) 3 nonprofits organizations, municipalities or schools that provide primary prevention programs for children and their families. Grants are not given to individuals or for-profit organizations.

Primary prevention reduces the likelihood of juvenile delinquency, truancy, substance abuse, child abuse and other socially destructive behaviors, and avoids intervention by authorities. Prevention programs use strength-based activities in a community-based setting. These programs:

  • Affirm and promote positive family functioning rather than just prevent problems
  • Work to influence societal forces that affect parents and children
  • Are offered to ALL members of the population
  • Assure that participation in the program or activities is voluntary

Successful grant requests must meet one of the following Agency of Human Services State Team Outcomes for Healthy Vermonters:

  • Infants and children thrive
  • Children are ready for and succeed in school
  • Children live in stable, supported families
  • Youth choose healthy behaviors

For 2017 Grants, organizations may apply for one year, three year, or equipment grants.  Programs must be new or an expansion of an existing program to be eligible. Applicants are required to be non-profit organizations or municipalities.  Grants are not given for construction projects.

Sara Hollbrook

Grant Writing Assistance

Technical assistance for grant writers is available through training webinars in February. Questions can be emailed to: Hilda Green, Program Director of the Vermont Children's Trust Foundation.

Photos: Jess Ackerman