Grantees: Substance Abuse Prevention

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Boys & Girls Club of Rutland

Prevention in Vision Project

They wish to be the prevention part of Project Vision in Rutland, specifically to educate youth in the Rutland area about Alcohol, drugs and risky relationship behavior.

Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition

Maximizing the Roles of Teen Influencers to Prevent Teen Prescription Drug Misuse

This program will build awareness to educate and to equip teen influencers, parents, grandparents, teachers, etc., with credible information about teen prescription drug abuse. 

Burlington Partnership for Healthy Community


YouParent is a parent support program that aims to reduce substance use/abuse among youth in Burlington.  It supports parents of middle and high school students in developing and maintaining open relationships with their children.

UVM & State Agricultural College


The PROSPER program fosters the positive growth and development of middle-school youth by strengthening families, building skills and reducing youth problem behaviors (e.g., substance abuse, violence and other problems).  UVM PROSPER will implement both the Family Program two times per year for 6th graders and their parents as well as implement the in-school program for all 7th graders at Lyndon Town School and Camels Hump.